What is Wonderling?

Short description

Wonderling is a fun mobile app that sends the same question to you and your friend.

Longer description

Wonderling is a mobile app that helps bring people closer together through questions. It sends the same question to you and your friend. Once both have responded, answers are revealed. Wonderling lets you pick from a variety of question packs that cover different topics and are suited for different type of relationships. You can get to know a new date better, just have fun with your best friend, or spark new and interesting conversations with your S.O.

App Profile


Laspira GmbH, based in Zurich, Switzerland

Release date

February 23, 2017


iOS 8+ iPhones, Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean) phones

Tablet support coming soon!




Free with extra question packs available via In-App Purchase


Carolin Willner
Christina Willner
Mark Tucker


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Fact Sheet

What motivated you to make this app?

With all the talk of how technology makes people feel disconnected, we wanted to create an app that actually helps you feel closer to the people in your life. Ultimately, conversations are the way we connect with each other, and most of the good ones start with a question. We found a fun way to ask more questions. Wonderling lets you fill those short gaps in your busy schedule building relationships with friends and loved ones instead of mindlessly scrolling through a feed.

Who is behind this app?

We are a team of three: two sisters and a husband/brother-in-law.

What is the profile of your target user?

Wonderling is for: